3 states in 3 days : Day 1 Karnataka – Tamilnadu

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Hey Guys,

Before we start, a few clarifications,

  • When we planned for this trip, didn’t really intend to cover 3 states in 3 days. It kinda stuck us only while crossing 3 borders in the span of 3 days.
  • Most of the trip was unplanned with little goof-ups and some wow moments. We have only booked the places to stay in advance and nothing else.
  • For us, travel is more like laid back and relax rather than ticking off all the must-visit places. So we might have missed a few frequently visited places in this itinerary.

Day 1 – Karnataka – Tamilnadu

My flight from Hyderabad landed in Bangalore around 12.30 am and we started our drive from Bangalore towards Mysore around 1.30 am. The initial plan was to crash somewhere near the airport and to start early in the morning. But my husband was in the mood for a drive. This was a bad decision considering the risk involved in driving at odd hours. I will not suggest anyone doing this. Nevertheless, it was one of a kind experience as we crashed outside a cafe coffee day near Mysore and slept inside the car for good 3-4 hours.

Bangalore to Mysore is a very good stretch. There are so many cafe coffee days with decent food and clean washrooms that was very helpful for us to stay refreshed. We met one of my friends who is staying in Mysore for breakfast and then travelled towards Bandipur.

The first sight as we entered the Bandipur National park was a herd of deer.


This was the most common sight. You can see deer very close to the road without any fear of the crossing vehicles or the humans clicking pics.

Bandipur National Park

The whole atmosphere was very calm and peaceful that we automatically switched off the radio and started to just whisper with each other.

In the entire Bandipur National park, you can see signs of animals crossings; getting down from your vehicles and especially selfies with animals are strictly prohibited.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Most of the staying facilities at Bandipur were either booked or were extremely costly (around 10k per night/person) that we stayed in a place called Gudalur in Tamilnadu which was around 30kms from Bandipur. With slight drizzle, scenic atmosphere, we totally enjoyed the journey and entered the state of Tamilnadu from Karnataka.

Bangalore to bandipur

There is a checkpoint and police might want to check your bags, particularly if you have another state registration so avoid bringing booze.

We stayed in a place called Rock Gardens Resort.

Rock Gardens Resort

We reached there just in time for the lunch. There was no kitchen in this resort so we placed the order from a menu card of another restaurant. Thankfully, when the food arrived it was hot, just the way we wanted for the cold climate.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day. We explored the different cottages available on the resort, slept for some time and then went for a drive around evening.

Rock Gardens Resort gudalur

Stay at bandipur

trip to bandipur

bangalore to masinagudi


Ooty was just 50 km from Gudalur. We were so tempted to go till Ooty but it was getting dark and travelling in the unfamiliar ghat road was not really a good idea. We stopped for some hot tea with pakkodas and then returned to the resort.

For Day 2, we travelled back to Bandipur, more about it on the next post 🙂

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