Annoying things my wife does – Guest post by Mr.K

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Firstly, sorry for the delay in posting this counter post for my post ‘Annoying things my husband does‘. Secondly, I realized the meaning of perseverance through this guy called ‘Gills‘. I met him like after an year and all he could ask was ‘Where is the post?’

Okay, without further ado, over to my husband.

Being a cry baby 

being a cry baby

Most of you would say, ‘Sindhu? Crying? No way!’ ‘She is a jolly kinda person’ ‘She won’t even get offended when someone trolls her’

But, she cries. For every simple thing. Even if she watches a fun video of a puppy, she cries because she couldn’t get a puppy for herself.

We don’t have many common interests. I am not in to social media, not in to tv series, not in to books. Usually, I do my stuff and she does hers. Once, I casually turned to see what she was up to and she was crying. Like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, some kid killed herself in a TV series. May be I should think of ’13 reasons why I married this cry baby’

The no need treatment 


Yup I take some time to do stuffs she is asking for. But when I am eventually gonna do it, she comes up with ‘no need’, ‘how long I have been asking you’, ‘you are purposefully doing it, ‘I will just stop expecting things from you’.

Did she really mean any of the above said things? Nope

Now or after ten years, I have to do it anyway irrespective of her saying no then why this much drama?

The language references 

language reference

I can understand like 20-25% of Tamil and she can understand like 65-70% of Telugu. I cannot get away by saying something mean in Telugu but she can, even if it’s an English word. For example, she calls me ‘loosu’. I understand that it is something to do with ‘lose’ or ‘loose’ but what exactly is the context? Sometimes she uses a long phrase like ‘Pillaya pekka sonna thollaya pethrukane’ in which I can’t even figure out a single word.

I was the one who taught her all the bad words in Hindi and this is what she does to me in return?

For you blood, for me tomato chutney 

tomato chutney

Okay this one reference I understood (well, she explained it to me). So we fight most of the times but she is not the only one who undergoes physical pain. Think about it, she is well built, taller than me which means longer hands and legs, she can reach me as soon as I take the first step to run away. But here she is, acting like I am the one who beat her up.

Being a Upma hater


I get that she comes from a land where they dig, idli, dosa,sambar, and we dig upma. Apparently, in her place, upma is kind of an emergency dish they make when nothing is there to eat. For us, it is a stable everyday breakfast. Argh, you should see her face when taking every bite of that upma. Do I make fun of her love towards sambar? (well sometime, nah most of the times) but why this much hate towards upma?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to write any further so over to my wife.

Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed these 2 posts. This is something I tried for the first time and so far happy with the response. Planning to write a few more fun posts which involves our married life. Do support me and give your valuable feedback 🙂

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