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Yesterday my husband was sneakily going through my blog, checking whether this post was live already 😛

I hardly share personal stuffs on my blog. Even when I refer my friends on posts every now and then, I just use the first letter of their name. But one fine day, I was showing the ‘search engine terms’ on my blog dashboard to my husband and one particular keyword popped our wedding pic from this post on the google image results. He got freaked out and said ‘Don’t write about me on your blog’

It was like a golden opportunity for me. So whenever he does something which annoys me, I just pull the blog card. ‘ Stop it, otherwise I will write about you on my blog’. Irrespective of me warning him several times, he keeps annoying me. Hence, this post. Annoying things my husband does .

1. Snatching phone 

annoying husband

I would be doing something important on my phone and he comes and just snatches it. Every single time. Why? For the people (read, my husband) who are rolling their eyes and thinking ‘Eh, we know what important things you do on your phone’, yeah I am obsessed with social media, I need to keep scrolling until my eyes are sour and fingers are hurt and no, I don’t want any disturbance in between like snatching my phone. Deal with it.

2. Lazy and Messy 

annoying things husbands do

Hmm.. it’s not like I am so active and well organised. But there are certain default things he can do like folding the blanket, making the bed, putting the wet towel out, not throwing clothes on chair (yup the same chair which is there in everyone’s house with the sole purpose of holding clothes). In fact, he is better than me at folding clothes and organizing stuffs but he just don’t wanna do it.

3. The odd hours syndrome

annoying things husbands does

It’s 2 PM now as I type this post, and he is lying on bed, sleeping. Nope, it’s not like an afternoon nap after lunch or something. He just sleeps whenever he feels like. And same goes with the food, how can you not feel hungry once in every 2 hours (ahem) 4 hours. How this affects me you ask, oh I am not that blessed person who can sleep whenever they want and wherever they want. I wanna sleep only in the night, probably when he is actively moving chairs, switching on lights so that my sleep is disturbed. Also, whenever I ask him ‘shall we eat?’, his only response is ‘I am not hungry now’ How? like seriously, how?

4. The fight club 

fighting with husband

He wants to fight with me for every single thing. He wants to sit on the chair which I am sitting already. He wants to read the newspaper only when I pick it to read. Then the actual fighting happens. Pushing, pulling, punching on the face (okay, I exaggerated), making sure to counter beat me, causing actual physical pain. Argh, am I living with a kid or a grown up man?

5. No means Yes or may be No

no means yes

You know the famous saying ‘If a girl says no, she actually means yes’ , yeah my husband does that. Whatever I ask him, his first response is ‘No’. Eventually he does what I have asked him after a prolonged period of begging and then he boasts saying, ‘hey I said no, but anyway I did it for you’ (yeah like after 10 years). Sometimes that prolonged begging won’t help either.

Even after reading this, I know a few of you will be on his side. Don’t worry, the next post will be on the husband’s perspective ie., ‘Annoying things my wife does


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  1. 1
    Nandhini Chandrasekaran

    Haha! Welcome to the married club. It’s only 5 now. In a year, you might say ‘everything about him is annoying’ 😆 We shouldn’t put our mind into the not so good things about husbands because our mind would go ‘storage full’ every other day. Jokes apart, keep seeing the good side of him too for that can easily go away from our sight with time.

    • 2

      haha 🙂 i actually like all these annoying things he does. Otherwise life will be boring 🙂 and I can’t stay mad at him more than 10 mins 🙂

  2. 5

    Haha, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I hope I get to see the second and third versions as well 😛 I actually like reading personal posts on blog 🙂

    And yeah, I am waiting for the “annoying things that wife do” post✌

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