Anklets, an Added Beauty to Your Legs

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Anklets or payal are a beautiful ornament worn around the ankle. Decades ago anklets were popularly worn by women of Egypt, Europe, and South Asia. But recently anklets have become voguish and worn by women all over the world. Anklets are traditionally made from gold, silver, brass, and other precious metal. Presently the fashion jewelry has conquered the hearts of all women and so anklets are made from leather, glass, crystal, and other materials. Anklets add a grace to the legs and been famous in India for a real long time.


In west, anklets are a piece of fashion statement. Gold plated, sterilized silver, nylon laced anklets are quite famous. The crochet anklets, knotted anklets are gaining popularity in the west. For a bohemian look, a colorful beaded anklets or wooden anklets are perfect choice. The designs of western anklets are very different compared to traditional Indian anklets. In the west the designs involve more of chic look, such as funky styles, animals imitations like butterfly, seahorse and others are designed on the anklets. These anklets give more of a casual yet stylish look. Even a toe ring attached anklet is highly fashionable. The best thing about anklet is that, it goes perfectly with any outfit be it jeans, skirts, or Indian ethnic wear.

Different Types of Anklets Designs


In India, anklets are worn by girls and women of all age as a symbol of tradition and culture. Indian anklets have a traditional touch with trinkets or bells and are made in gold, silver, kundan, pearl, and others. Generally the anklets are designed in flexible and inflexible metals. In Rajasthan the anklets are made the heaviest and with antique jewelry and are mostly inflexible. Also in the northern part of India, kundan anklets are very famous and worn by the brides. Kundan anklets originated from Rajasthan and made from multicolor gem set on the gold foil. These anklets are very sophisticated and look very opulent and classy. Indian anklets need to be two to three inches longer than the ankle so that the bells attached to the ankle fall below the ankle. Anklets with bells dangling around, also known as Ghunghru which are worn by the dancers to give emphasis to their dance moves.

Anklets with bells apart from giving nice sound have scientific reasons too. The tinker sounds of the anklet avoids negative energy also the silver anklets add positive energy flow in the body. It is also believed that anklets help in preventing the swelling of the feet by regulating the blood circulation. It also activates the lymph glands and boosts the immunity. So apart from giving a gorgeous look to your legs, anklets also provide health benefits. Anklets are and will be always a part of Indian women accessory. Add some love to your legs with elegant looking anklets.



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