Active pureness advanced facial by comfort zone at Oryza Chennai

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Oily acne prone skin and facials doesn’t go well at all. The first thing the dermatologist asks when you go for consultation is ‘Did you get a facial done?’ and then advises not to go for any such facial treatments in future.

Acne breakouts are mainly caused by clogging of pores in the skin. As the facial process contains usage for more than 5-6 products at a very short period of time, it can easily trigger acne breakout. An amateur facialist can scrub your skin in a harsh way, may not use the steam in a proper way, can leave the face pack on for more time etc which is not good for oily acne prone skin. Well, that is why dermatologists say a big no to facials.

Though the medicines and topical treatments given my dermatologist can treat the acne well, the treatment completely rips of the moisture from your face. Sometimes, this can causes a reverse effect. How? Your skin is basically used to a certain level of oil secretion. Now, because of the treatment, all that natural oil is ripped off and your skin goes in to a panic mode. To avoid the dryness, it starts to secrete more oil than the usual level.

So you should always look for balancing out your skin without too much of dryness and oiliness. We all know that facial can instantly make our skin well nourished and fresh but what if something goes wrong and makes the condition worse? This fear kept me away from facials for so long until I discovered about comfort zone.


Comfort zone is an Italian brand who are in to distributed professional range of spa treatments and home care based on a mission to promote a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced science-based conscious solutions to visibly improve skin, body and mind.

They have launched their range of products and services in Chennai Oryza day spa. I was invited to the St. Mary’s road branch to experience the service.

I was a lot skeptical before trying the facial and simply ranted out to the specialist about my skin condition. She totally understood my concerns and suggested the active pureness advanced facial. She assured me that this facial will not trigger anything bad and can actually help to calm the acne breakouts.

Though the spa is situated in the heart of the city, once you enter inside, you can instantly feel the calmness around. Each spa room comes with an attached bath that no need for you to step out for anything and can totally relax and rejuvenate yourself.

I was given a disposal robe to change and once I was comfortable, the facialist started the process. Firstly, I was made to inhale their signature blend which instantly relaxed me and prepared me for the experience. The active pureness advanced facial consists of the usual process of cleaning, scrubbing massaging and face pack. But the way the facialist did and the choice of right products made all the difference.

First my skin was cleansed with the active pureness cleansing gel which was very mild yet removed all the impurities, followed by active pureness tonic. Then my skin was scrubbed with the active pureness scrub. It is an intense exfoliant with pure silica particles. The scrub was neither harsh nor it caused any irritation on my skin. The facialist just scrubbed it in the right way that I didn’t feel any inconvenience.

The dreaded part for all of us in facial is steaming and black head removal. I was surprised to see that no steamer was used. Instead, the facialist placed hot towels on my face. Though it caused a little inconvenience in the beginning, I got easily used to the heat in few seconds and it was way better than the usual steamer. Then she extracted the black heads with a tissue just using her fingers. It was the very first time that black head removal was so painless for me. This just proved that how well trained the facialists are.

Then came the most expected part, the facial massage. Obviously she used the best of her techniques and of course I dozed off 😛 Then it was time for the star of the whole process. The algae bisaphic mask with spirulina algae. The mask gave a cooling effect as soon as applied and slowly warmed up which showed that it was actually working.

Luminous smooth skin with uniform appearance and rebalancing oily, impure skin are the few benefits of this algae pack. The pack was removed after a few minutes and the face was wiped clean. There came the end of the amazing experience.

A before and after pic can definitely not do justice for the experience I had. In fact, I totally forgot about my mobile phone and the outside world for the entire time.

They gave me the active pureness cleansing gel to try it out. For the past 2 weeks I have been travelling crazy to different climatic conditions, with outside food intake and washing my face with water from different regions. The only thing kept my skin calm is the cleansing gel. It balanced out my skin without excess oil or dryness and most importantly, no new acne breakouts.


The active pureness advanced facial is priced at Int 4700/-. You may definitely consider this to be on a higher side but honestly, it is just a few bucks more than the regular facials we get and trust me the amount you spend will definitely do justice for the experience you get. I can never enjoy any usual kind of facial hereafter 😛

Highly recommended!

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