About Me

A blogger by day and a blogger by night. My mind is always bursting with thoughts!

Hi, I am Sindhu, currently living in Chennai. Sindhujp.com is my personal blog and I decided to name it after me because there is so much to write about my life itself 😛

A gist of it below,

An Civil Engineer and an MBA graduate, worked in a corporate company for 2 years. Quit the job and experimented few things for an year. Found the passion in blogging and that was the best thing ever happened other that getting bankrupt 😛 With the help of friends and the blogging experience, took a job in a small company with a job profile totally irrelevant to the previous one but enjoying every bit of it 🙂

If you find the above story interesting, I welcome you to be a part of my blog 🙂

I may not review every new launch in the market, I may not do haul posts, I may not do outfit posts with branded clothes but I do believe that I will touch all your hearts by simple posts with a fun touch 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and keep supporting!