8 pink lip colors for dusky skintone

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A huge respect to all the beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there who do amazing lip swatches. I just swatched 8 lip colours and it was a hell of a task. I don’t know bloggers out there do more than 30 swatches at a time and that too perfectly.

Before we start, never goes a post without a disclaimer! This is something I am doing for the first time. So, bear with the flaws and pass on some useful feedback for me to improve.

Pink Lip Colors for dusky skintone

These are the pink lip colors I own as of now. You might feel that some new brands or new collections are not included. But unless I make good use of the current makeup products I have and blog about it, I am not going to buy new makeup stuff. So sorry if this kind of disappoints you but you can buy similar shades from new collections if you are of my skin tone. I am glad that at least it’s a good mix of drugstore and high-end brands.

Pink lipsticks for dusky skin tone

Let’s begin!

Pink lipstick swatches on dusky skin

Lakme 9-5 Wine Play

A beautiful wine pink colour which is perfect for office use. I don’t understand the concept of adding glitters when the product is marketed as a work wear. However, the glitters are not chunky and don’t transfer.

Lakme 9-5 Wine Play lip swatch

Faces Go Chic Pedal Me Out

This is an MLBB (my lips but better)/ nude kind of shade but chances are there it can wash you out. You have to play safe with this by pairing it with a bold eye makeup; maybe a smokey eye. The coverage is sheer but you can blot it and reapply to get a good coverage.

Faces Go Chic Pedal Me Out lip swatch

Maybelline Colorshow Chery Crush

One of my favourite pink shade; smells like candy. It brightens your face but it’s not so bold that you can wear it even to work. If you are a beginner, just getting comfortable with wearing lipsticks, Maybelline colorshow range is a good start.

Maybelline Colorshow Chery Crush lip swatch

Loreal Paris Raspberry Syrup

Another favorite from my collection. A bold pink shade which is perfect for occasions. This is the one I wore for a ceremony before my wedding. Gives a good coverage and lasts long on the lips.

Loreal Paris Raspberry Syrup lip swatch

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet REB04

This is more of a coral-ish pink. It looks more on the coral side in this pic but I guess how it looks depends more on the lighting. This is kind of a unique shade which I always want to have in my collection.

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet REB04 lip swatch

MAC Viva Galm Miley Cyrus Amplified

Irrespective of being a MAC lipstick, this is a shade I least like in my collection. It is a pink with bluish undertone which I think doesn’t suit me much. What do you guys think? Let me know.

MAC Viva Galm Miley Cyrus Amplified lip swatch

Maybelline Velvet Matte MAT6

My first and favourite liquid lipstick. It glides like a dream on the lips, settles well and lasts long. I have a full review for this lip colour, read it here.

Maybelline Velvet Matte MAT6

Miss Claire Gimmersticks for lips Lovely Pink L29

Miss Claire products are now available on Nykaa but I bought this in a shop from Chennai. I am not sure for how much I bought this but it’s available for only INR 65/- in Nykaa. Just go ahead and buy it without a second thought.Apply this, top it with a lip balm and you don’t need any lipstick. My lips were sore by the time I was applying it, (I was kinda rough while removing the colours without realizing it) so I didn’t fill in the center part f my lips. Otherwise, it has a very good pigmentation and easy to apply.

Miss Claire Gimmersticks for lips Lovely Pink L29

That’s it, guys. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, liked the swatches and it was useful as well. I am planning to do something similar with other colours I have and I hope I improve myself going forward.

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