5 ways to use Vitamin E cream

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The first time I heard about Vitamin E was when I was 10-11 years old. A doctor prescribed vitamin E oil to my dad to treat his chickenpox scars.  I had a trouble free skin throughout my teenage and early twenties but problem started in the form of acne breakouts a few years back.

When I get occasional breakouts, I used to apply Vitamin E oil as a spot treatment to get rid of the scars. Later I was wholly dependent on the prescribed topical creams. Recently, a brand called TBC sent me a Vitamin E face cream. I was excited to try the cream yet skeptical because of my active acne condition.

Vitamin E cream

Then I came to know that, other than treating scars, Vitamin E cream/oil can be used for different purposes as well. Listed below are the ways I make use of the vitamin E cream.

1. As an under eye cream 

TBC vitamin E cream is light weight and gets easily absorbed which makes it a perfect under eye cream. Presence of aloevera extract and almond oil is an added advantage.

2. To treat rough skin 

TBC vitamin E cream is a super hydrating moisture cream which helps in treating rough skin in areas such as elbows, knees, feet. It consists of wheat germ oil which also helps in skin repair.

3. As a nail/cuticle cream 

Vitamin E cream can nourish the nails and can help to get rid of any stains on the nails. It can also helps to soften the cuticles. Massaging regularly your nails and surrounding areas with vitamin E cream can do wonders.

4. Make your own body butter 

Mix your usual body lotion with the vitamin E cream to make your own body butter. It not only provides intense moisture but also your whole body skin can get the benefits of vitamin E.

5. To treat scars, dark spots, pigmentation 

The best vitamin E cream can do. Apply vitamin E cream regularly on the dark spots, scars and pigmentation to get rid of them.

TBC natural vitamin E cream is one of the affordable, easy to use vitamin E cream available in the market. It retails at Inr 95/- for 100g quantity of product. It is paraben free with no preservatives and not tested on animals.

Vitamin E cream uses

Vitamin E


Do you include vitamin E in your skincare?

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